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Sun, Sand, Sea and Several other activities you might like to get involved in!

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Sunburst Villa Barbados

The fringes and reefs found off Barbados blossom with healthy sponges, coral and plant life. There are several types of reefs, each one unique in its own special way.

The barrier reefs, located 1/2 - 2 miles from shore contain large coral heads which form the habitat for thousands of beautiful fish and are perfect for snorkeling. Larger organisms are also found on these reefs, feeding on the smaller fish. The Hawksbill turtle can also be found on these reefs.

Fringes and patching reefs are found closer to shore and have smaller coral formations and more abundant plant life then the barrier reefs. These reefs are home to Sea Horses, Frog Fish, Giant Sand Eels and many other marine creatures.

Wrecks form fascinating habitats for marine life and Barbados has several excellent sites for wreck diving. Carlisle Bay, with 200 reported wrecks, and the Stavronikita, located at Folkestone Marine Park, are two of the most popular sites.

Barbados is ideal for year-round diving but is probably best in the summer months. The visibility ranges from 40 to 70ft and the water temperature is a consistent 80 degrees F.

There are several dive operators who will provide equipment, advice and guided tours to ensure that your diving experience is extremely enjoyable!

Specializing in semi-private and small group dives, Eco Dive Barbados is dedicated to providing each client with a personalized diving experience.

Discover sunken treasures underwater while diving in Barbados' crystal clear waters! Offers a variety of courses and dive packages, with special scuba diving instruction for kids!

Dive with this state of the art PADI 5 star facility, located within easy reach of the island's best dive sites.

Choose from twenty reef dives, four wrecks, two marine parks and a turtle park!

Professional friendly service and the best quality equipment on a comfortable and well-equipped dive boat await.

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Sunburst Villa Barbados

When the world was created, Barbados was given an abundance of potential for becoming a surfer's paradise. The island's location far out in the Atlantic Ocean allows waves to travel thousands of kilometers on the bottom of the sea to finally unload all the power it developed during it's long journey over Barbados' coral reefs.

As Barbados is a Coral island, a coral reef stretches all around Barbados' coastline, providing for unlimited surfing conditions all over. No matter whether a swell approaches the island from a northerly or westerly direction or whether it's moving in from the East or the South, Barbados is guaranteed to have surf somewhere along it's shores at almost any given day of the year.

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced surfers are catered to through our surf lessons and tours. Whatever type of surf you are looking for you will find it here with us in Barbados.

Book Surfing lessons today before you arrive, we can pick you up at the airport and drop you off to our apartments or your hotel or Villa! Including Kite Surfing, Wind Surfing, Body Boarding and more.

Owners & Operators Barry Banfield and his lovely wife Christie will ensure your SURF BARBADOS Surfing adventure is one of a kind. We are committed to your vision of the perfect Surf vacation.

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Sunburst Villa Barbados

Generally the seas on the West coast are the calmest, but good, safe, quiet swimming is available in the many tranquil bays along the South West and the South that touch the Caribbean Sea. If you like calm waters with a soft sandy bottom, then the West Coast is probably the best of these conditions, but seasonal variations can cause things to change.

BARBADOS SOUTH COAST Here you will find seas of gentle waves for body surfing and tumbling in the water. There are rollers for surfing with buggy boards and surfboards and some of the best windsurfing in the world. Annual surfing competitions and international surfing meets are held on both the South and East Coasts.

The East and North coasts of Barbados meet the Atlantic Ocean where huge waves crash along the shore and coral reefs. This coast is not recommended for swimming except for a few of the very protected bays. There are strong currents and fierce waves beating on the rugged coral to create a spectacle of power of a wild and rugged sea. If you love the sea at its wildest you must visit the East Coast, but don't swim unless you are with someone who knows the area well.

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Sunburst Villa Barbados

Whether it's a romantic stroll along the beach or a voyage of discovery, Barbados provides some of the most scenic walks imaginable.

Hike Barbados takes you through cane fields, gullies, tropical forests and coastal communities to explore the unique geological and social structure of Barbados. Along the way you will meet new friends, enjoy healthy exercise and observe the delicate balance of the unique heritage and environment of Barbados.

Situated in the heart of the island on one of the highest ridges, at 1004 ft above sea level, with probable the most spectacular picturesque landscape views sweeping down to the East Coast of Barbados. On the well-maintained grounds at Highland stands a gazebo which houses a well stocked bar and it is from here that your hike will begin and end!

Winners of the Island Magazine 1999 Ecotourism Award, the hard working folks of Speightstown now have an adventure trail to be proud of... invigorating and educational. Discover the beautiful Whim Gully, picturesque fort ruins, quaint parish churches and nature trails.

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Sunburst Villa barbados

The Barbados Yacht Club has a very active sailing calendar and there are regattas throughout the year. The most popular sailing event is the Mount Gay Rum/Boatyard Regatta in early June, which is just as famous for its sailing as for the serious parting afterwards!

The MV Harbour Master is a one-of-a-kind, custom-built floating entertainment centre. 100 feet long, 40 feet wide and 4 decks high, with beach landing capability, a 70' water slide, dance floor, air conditioned restrooms with hot and cold fresh water showers and the longest floating bar in the Caribbean!

Royal Clipper sails from Barbados on alternating voyages to explore the Spice Islands of the Grenadines or the Windward Islands, famous for their glorious sailing weather, and every voyage promises the thrill of passagemaking under full sail.

After we have wined and dined you on our fine Barbadian Cuisine, we will take you snorkeling in our crystal clear waters where you will see the most colourful and friendly tropical fish or, swim with our local sea turtles.

Welcome to Cool Runnings Catamaran Cruises, voted 2nd Most Popular Attraction by the globally recognised Zagat Survey as 'the Rolls-Royce of catamaran excursions' in Barbados. Our unique charter company specialises in personalised cruises, ensuring the utmost in comfort, service and enjoyment. Our elegant, custom-built catamarans sail with a limited number of passengers, to guarantee a superb day of sailing in an uncrowded atmosphere.

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Sunburst Villa Barbados

As on many Caribbean islands, fishing is more than just a popular pastime in Barbados. It's also a way of life, from the fishermen who make their living bringing in the fresh catch of the day, to those who come each year to take part in tournaments. And of course, there are the visitors who simply want to spend some time fishing while on vacation.

Though perhaps best-known for the abundance of flying fish in the sea surrounding the island, Barbados takes great pride in the deep sea fishing just off its shores, where the right person can catch marlin weighing more than 500 pounds. Anglers seeking a slightly less hefty catch also have plenty of options in these warm waters, which are ideal for tuna, wahoo, dolphin fish (also called"dorado"), and barracuda.

In the seas around Barbados, the barracuda is the easiest fish to catch, and the yellowfin tuna is the rarest. However, certain fish are found only during certain times of year. For example, sailfish and marlin, particularly white marlin, are rare, if not altogether impossible to catch from July through September. On the other hand, they are fairly easy to find from January through April.

Fishing Charters Barbados Inc. is a family owned & operated business and we take great care and pleasure in knowing that everyone has enjoyed their time with us. Our Captains are trained in First Aid and CPR, and we are an active member of the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association.

Cannon Charters is a family owned & operated deep sea big game fishing company. Our fishing boat is a 42 foot Hatteras Convertible powered by twin Cummins Diamond series 430HP engines.

The relaxing fishing tours go to different destinations, which are pre-arranged with the passengers. Any fish caught are generally not of a large nature and the trips are more designed to have fun than catching 100 lb game fish.

The Barbados Game Fishing Association(BGFA), is responsible for all game fishing events in Barbados and has firmly established itself as one of the premier Associations or Clubs in the Eastern Caribbean. We have played a leading role in encouraging other fishing associations in the region and, today, we have an active and enjoyable relationship with our contemporaries in Trinidad & Tobago, Grenada, St. Lucia, Martinique, Antigua and, most recently, Dominica, St. Vincent and Guadeloupe.

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Sunburst Villa Barbados

For many years, Barbados was a diamond in the rough in terms of being a premiere golfing destination. Several of the island's golf courses that were built during the torrent of tourism in the 1960s and 70s lay dormant for many years. Recent renovations, however, revived many courses and made them world renowned. Today the golf community on Barbados is growing and the courses are some of the best in the Caribbean. In fact, the Sandy Lane Country Club was chosen to host the 2006 World Golf Championships World Cup.

With 45 holes of golf on three unique and spectacular courses, Sandy Lane offers golfers of all skill levels an unforgettable golfing experience. Beautifully manicured courses abound with color and wildlife... a golfer’s utopia.

Barbados Golf Club, located at Durants in the southern parish of Christ Church, has become the soul of golfing in Barbados for local players as well as hotel guests and visitors cruising through the Caribbean.  The course was approved and sanctioned by the PGA European Tour to host a PGA Seniors Tournament in 2003 and it has also hosted the Barbados Open on several occasions.

Rockley Golf Course is the oldest Golf Club in Barbados. It is an enchanting Parkland Course that meanders through a premier residential development on the South Coast of Barbados, with friendly staff in our well stocked pro-shop. The course is ideally set up for all ages and abilities of Golfers with tight fairways, Out of Bounds on all holes so strategic club selection is well rewarded.

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Sunburst Villa Barbados

Barbados has a rich history and has preserved and restored many of its historic buildings. Visit a plantation house for a trip back in time, see the towering lighthouses that once led ships to safety, or explore the historic towns that are an important part of our past and present and why not find out about the Pirates of the Caribbean who called Barbados home! There's something for everyone, here's a few ideas

Ocean Park is a unique Marine Aquarium. In our displays you can experience the underwater life up close. The 26 displays located throughout the park showcase the bright, colourful and exotic fish and sea life found around Barbados and the Caribbean, as well as weird and wonderful animals from tropical seas around the globe. The park is set in beautiful outdoor gardens filled with lush tropical flowering plants and vegetation.

If you like nature, hiking (at any level), plants, culture and natural history, then Welchman Hall gully must not be missed.

Experience the award winning Atlantis submarine tour which is one of the most highly recommended attractions in Barbados for adults and children.

These expeditions will lead you into the interior of the island to view points where the scenery of Barbados’ country side and rugged coastlines will leave you breathless.

Welcome to the Barbados Museum & Historical Society – The Home of Barbadian Culture & Heritage. We invite to explore with us the history of Barbados and its impact on life today, through the wealth of resources we offer.

Codrington College is the oldest Anglican Theological College in the Western Hemisphere. It was established by the will of General Christopher Codrington who died in 1710.

fter a massive restoration effort on the part of the Barbados National Trust, Morgan Lewis Mill is one of the largest, oldest mills in the region and is virtually intact. Typical of the wind-driven mills of the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, it helped produce the sugar for which Barbados used to be famous throughout the world. Housed inside the mill is a dynamic display of old photographs documenting the sugar glory days.

The East Point Lighthouse, located at Ragged Point (the most easterly point of the island), offers a spectacular view of the rugged coastal scenery along almost the entire East Coast of Barbados. In fact, on a clear day you can see all the way up the coastline to the northern points of the island such as Cove Bay and Pico Tenerife.

St. Nicholas is likely the last remaining authentic house of the 17th Century that exists anywhere in the "New World". When this residence was built around 1658 of brick and limestone, many of the structures in the North America were made of timber, and have long since perished.

The young George Washington and his ailing brother Lawrence resided in this historic plantation house, also known as Bush Hill House, for two months in 1751.  Barbados was the only country ever visited by the future  “First Father” of his country and Bush Hill House the only house he ever lived in outside of the continental United States.

Gun Hill was built in 1818 and is perched on a rural St George hilltop. The station arguably offers the best views of the island and houses a fascinating collection of military memorabilia.

The Caribbean is still full of secrets. One recently revealed is that Barbados has the world's rarest collection of 17th century English iron cannon. Not too long ago it was decided to create a National Ordnance Collection of all the old guns on the island and to date more than 400 have been unearthed.

Located in the parish of St.Philip, Sam Lord's Castle is a beautiful Georgian mansion built in 1820 by the notorious buccaneer Samuel Hall Lord. Legend has it that Sam Lord acquired his wealth by plundering ships, which he lured onto the reefs off the coast, by hanging lanterns in the coconut trees. Captains mistook these lights for Bridgetown and wrecked their ships on the reefs.

The history of Sunbury Plantation House goes back over three hundred years. It was built around 1660 by Matthew Chapman, an Irish/English planter, one of the first settlers on the island. He was related to the Earl of Carlisle and through this association, was granted lands in Barbados.

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Sunburst Villa Barbados Horse Riding

Available are a variety of trail rides along charming countryside trails and the east coast beaches. Learn about the history of the area as well as about its flora and fauna as you take in the dramatic Atlantic Ocean.

We conduct HORSEBACK TRAIL RIDES, ISLAND TOURS and GUIDED HIKES along the unspoiled southeastern coastline of Barbados where views are simply spectacular and the atmosphere is remote and tranquil. We keep our groups small and promise you personal and professional service, as we set out to re-discover Barbados at your own pace.

Within the Scotland District National Park you’ll find the most picturesque scenery in Barbados and you’ll find Us! On our own Barbadian Warmbloods, we trail the original Rain Forest of Mahogany and Bearded Fig Trees, from which Barbados was given its name. Inhabited by the Green Monkey, hosting ponds with Oriental Lotus Flowers and Wild Ducks over hills with a mesmerizing view, of the East Point Light House and the Morgan Lewis Mill.

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Sunburst Villa Barbados

With an abundance of restaurants and eateries covering all styles and tastes, you're never far from a wonderful meal and night out. With it's colonial history, you may notice a British reverence where English breakfasts, afternoon teas, and long dinners are standard.

Dining in Barbados has a conservative quality to it. You should bear in mind that in the more respectable establishments shorts are rarely appropriate and never bathing costumes. Some restaurants will require male guests to wear a jacket. During the peak winter season restaurants get very busy and vacationers are well advised to make reservations in advance. When the bill is received guests should not be surprised to see the customary 15 percent value added tax, a charge added to the total of all meals prepared on the island. Additionally, some restaurants will assess a 10 percent service charge that functions as gratuity.

May we personally recommend a small selection of fine restaurants on the island...

Situated on top of a 3 meter tall coral cliff over looking the Caribbean Sea, this open-air restaurant has the food to match the beautiful scenery. Although The Cliff uses nothing but the freshest, choicest ingredients and attracts such big names as Prince Andrew, the atmosphere is surprisingly casual. Make sure you look down during dinner because you might catch a glimpse of the sea life swimming by in the illuminated waters below.

The Lone Star is an exclusive boutique hotel, restaurant and bar, where its British owners have created a stylish retreat. Here’s where Jimmy Choos are often seen, but certainly not necessary.

This distinguished landmark restaurant, established in 1972, is nestled on the water’s edge in the bustling atmosphere of St. Lawrence Gap. Pisces has long been one of the island’s more sought after spots to dine with its beautiful oceanfront setting and lush indoor gardens. Now under the patronage of Larry Rogers, a well known local chef, who has a flair for seducing your palate with simple yet delectable dishes with a distinct Caribbean Flavour.

Cobblers Cove is one of the only five hotels and restaurants in the Caribbean to be invited to be a member of the prestigious Relais & Chateaux organization. The restaurant is situated at the edge of the beach and overlooks the Caribbean Sea ... the perfect setting for cuisine that merits both local and international awards. The award-winning cuisine, 6 times winner of the Barbados Gold Award, is prepared taking full advantage of local produce and pride themselves on the quality and value of the extensive wine list. Mornings begin with full English breakfast, lunches are deliciously casual affairs, whilst candlelight encourages an elegant evening mood.

The slogan 'Barbadian Dining at its Best' is very appropriate and David's Place can be relied on for the very best authentic Barbadian cuisine.

Famous for its fresh seafood and panoramic sea views for over a century, L'Azure restaurant at The Crane serves up a tempting range of classic and Caribbean delicacies.
The Crane's restaurant has achieved several distinctions including two silver awards at the Barbados Hotel and Dining Festival and À La Carte Magazine's prestigious Gold Award for Light Cuisine. 

Opened in late 2005 is Zen, featuring classic Thai and Japanese cuisine in a stunning setting overlooking Crane Beach. Zen features traditional Tatami rooms, an exquisite sushi bar and the option for guests to enjoy private dining.

Award winning exotic and romantic 5 star restaurant.

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Sunburst Villa Barbados

With high-quality, tax-free merchandise, excellent service by friendly and knowledgeable sales staff, and comfortable, air-conditioned stores, shopping in Barbados truly is just beyond your imagination! Dutyfree shopping is especially popular, with prices typically being 30 to 50% less than in Europe and North America! When making dutyfree purchases be sure to have your passport or airline ticket with you. Your packages can be delivered to the airport or sea port for your convenience.

Our sturdily built straw bags and straw hats have gained many international awards for high quality. Ann's superb creations can be seen on models in many international cities including London, Paris, New York & Tokyo.

The Royal Shop is one of Barbados' leading watch and jewellery dealers.

Who would have thought that a small art studio doing 'one-off' whimsical clay works would grow into a thriving production pottery? But this continues to be what makes Earthworks - "No Ordinary Pottery!" We produce fully functional lines of dinnerware and serving pieces mainly, in over 100 shapes and 20 stock patterns.

Walkers' World really is a store with a difference! Situated on popular Dover Beach, there are two floors of fabulous local and overseas gifts, furniture and home accessories, all in good taste and personally chosen with you in mind! Enjoy refreshments in the café overlooking the beach, soak up the vibrant colours and relax to the sound of fountains and steel pan.

Opened in 1999, Pelican Village is an attractive, spacious shopping village offering the very best of local handicrafts, and providing the opportunity to see Barbados' craftsmen at work.Located on the outskirts of the capital city of Bridgetown, Pelican Village is the first stop for cruise visitors as they disembark at the Harbour.With ample parking and within easy reach of the west and south coasts, long stay visitors should also plan a trip to the Village.

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Some of Barbados' coolest nightclubs are found along Bay Street in St Lawrence Gap. The Whistling Frog's party nights feature street dancing, karaoke and live bands and in the many nearby bars local bands play calypso, reggae and R&B most nights of the week. Some of the wildest parties take place in the huge, state-of-the-art Club Xtreme whilst the open-air beachfront nightclub Harbour Lights features barefoot dancing on the sands.

The Boatyard by day offers a variety of water sports, snorkeling, beach volleyball, kayaking and much more. When the sun goes down the Boatyard becomes one of Barbados’ top nightlife destinations. With live entertainment, beach parties and a variety of theme nights the Boatyard offers fun and excitement for everyone. Fat Tuesday’s feature free drinks and a live band, Sunset Wednesdays brings some of Barbados’ top DJ’s and Yardfest Saturday’s offers theme parties with free drinks, live entertainment, the island’s top DJ’s and a evening filled with non-stop excitement.
The Boatyard also features oceanfront dining at the South Deck Grill where guests can enjoy a flavorful lunch or dinner while admiring the Carlisle Bay. This casual restaurant is open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. and reservations are not required. Sharkey’s Bar is one of Barbados’ liveliest bars and offers a fully stocked bar with friendly bartenders serving a great selection of tropical cocktails and tasty shooters.

After Dark is a huge entertainment center located in Barbados’ popular St. Lawrence Gap. This high energy night club boasts the longest bar on the island and claims to have any liquor imaginable in stock. After Dark’s main club has DJ’s spinning some of the hottest tracks, while the Jazz Club offers a quieter and more laid back atmosphere. Head out to the courtyard to enjoy the sounds of live reggae, calypso and soca as well as dancing on the huge dance floor.

Baxter’s Row, located in Bridgetown, is off the beaten path but offers a variety of Bajan treasures. Find great Bajan cuisine and a boisterous atmosphere that goes all through the night. This popular night spot doesn’t get going until after 11 p.m. but continues throughout the evening. Come late at night to enjoy some of Barbados’ best fried chicken, flying fish and other Bajan specialties. Enid’s is a favorite location along Baxter’s Row that seems to attract the local looking to relax and enjoy some great Bajan treats after a fun-filled evening.

Bert’s has been offering sports-fans a great destination to enjoy all the latest sporting events since 1976. State-of-the-art, satellite programming and high definition plasma flat screen televisions attract everyone wanting to enjoy everything from baseball and soccer to hockey and football. While enjoying all the sports action guests can also sample a wide variety of mouth watering dishes that Bert’s offers. Bert’s extensive menu includes traditional Bajan fare as well as some International favorites. Fill up on an overflowing Philly Cheese Steak or a grilled Steakfish Sandwich cooked to your taste. The kids will love the selections from the children’s menu which includes tasty smoothies, hot dogs, pizzas, chicken dippers and more.

Club Xtreme is 10,000 square feet of music, dancing and wild parties. This lively night club boasts one of the Caribbean’s best art lighting and sound systems and is divided into three separate areas. The Xtreme Zone features a cutting edge sound system and special lighting effects that set the scene for all night dancing. The Chill Zone is the ultimate location to relax with some friends while sipping on ice cold tropical drinks and listening to great music. The Game Zone offers some of the newest arcade games, pool and air hockey tables. With something for everyone Club Xtreme is the ultimate destination to enjoy Barbados after dark. The St. Lawrence Gap is also home to The Reggae Lounge, The Plantation Restaurant and After Dark.

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Sunburst Villa Barbados

A wedding in Barbados combines incredibly romantic settings with a wonderful climate, making Barbados the perfect place to get married in, as well as the ideal honeymoon destination. Barbados has the second highest marriage rate per capita in the world, so it's unsurprising that there are numerous wedding planners who will ensure your big day goes swimmingly. Here's just a few links you may find useful if you're planning to get married in Barbados.

There is now no waiting period prior to a wedding taking place. Clients must first go to the Ministry of Legal Affairs to obtain their Marriage Licence and can get married as soon as they wish after obtaining the required licence. (The Ministry is closed on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays.)

At “Weddings by Malissa”, we make your dreams come true. These settings and many others can be created just for you when you decide that Barbados is the place for your wedding. Leave the details to us. All you are required to do is to indulge yourself and enjoy your memories for a lifetime.

Whether your vision includes a breathtaking beach, an intimate garden or a dramatic church, the perfect venue sets the stage for your perfect day.


Your every wedding dream will come true, we personalize it for you! We do everything for you , all you do is sit back and laze in the shade of the golden sands, with the rays of a smiling sun and the gentle breezes caressing you.

Focus … Visualise … The realm of possibilities within your own imagination. We can help you assure the reflection of beauty with the character of your occasion, to produce a highly distinctive experience. For an exceptionally awe-inspiring effect, include the release of white doves in your occasion.  Doves symbolise all which is peaceful and pure, adding a special impression to any event.

Don’t think the island of Barbados is just for honeymooning. With its romantic atmosphere and gorgeous ceremony locations, Barbados is the perfect place to get married. The terrain looks like a postcard, with picturesque rolling hills, the Atlantic surf pounding against dramatic cliffs, and small inland villages surrounded by sugar plantations. This easternmost Caribbean island is waiting for you to arrive, with your family and friends, to celebrate the biggest day of your life.

If you're planning a Barbados holiday, the Tropical Wedding Package is perfect for couples desiring a simple yet meaningful wedding ceremony. It may be just the two of you or you may have a few friends and family joining you in your celebrations. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy your holiday in Barbados , while we flawlessly plan all the details to ensure a picture perfect wedding ceremony with a relaxed island feel. And if you were wondering what to do after the ceremony, Barbados offers you an incredible variety of celebration options

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