Sunburst Villa Services

A few of the little extras you might find helpful.

Sunburst Villa Barbados Maid Service

A Cleaning Maid can be arranged to suit your requirements . Please ask at time of booking.

Sunburst Villa Barbados In House Cook

A cook is available at an additional charge. Please ask at time of booking.

Sunburst Villa Barbados Child Minder

A baby sitting service is available from a UK Registered childminder. (Cost to be paid locally). Please ask at time of booking.

Sunburst Villa Barbados Car Rental

We would strongly recommend a car rental for the duration of your stay. This can be arranged for you prior to your arrival in Barbados or locally. (Charges will vary). Please ask at time of booking.

Sunburst Villa Barbados Weather

Sunburst Villa Barbados Currency

The currency of Barbados is the Barbados Dollar. The Bardos Dollar is fixed to the US Dollar and does not fluctuate from it. It's value relative to other currencies fluctuates as they fluctuate against the US Dollar.The conversion rate is always $1.98 Barbados to $1 US.
With the current strong £, this makes now a very attractive time for UK residents to visit Barbados, getting a rate of almost 4BBD to 1GBP.
The US$ and all major credit cards are readily accepted in Barbados.
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Sunburst Villa Barbados Duty Free

General duty free allowances in Barbados.
Personal Effects: 1 litre of potable spirits or wine, 200 cigarettes (one carton) or 100 cigars or 50 cigars and cigarettes not exceeding 230 grammes in aggregate.
All articles in excess of this exemption are subject to the relevant duty and tax.

Sunburst Villa Barbados Electricity Supply

Electricity in Barbados is: 110 volts/50 hertz. Standard plug types in Barbados are: (1) Flat blade (2 flat blades) and (2) Flat blades with round grounding pin.

Sunburst Villa Barbados Time Zone

Barbados falls in the Atlantic time zone. Barbados Standard Time is Greenwich Mean Time minus four hours. There is no daylight saving time in Barbados.

Sunburst Villa BarbadosSunburst Villa Barbados Beaches

All beaches in Barbados are open to the public. Properties which front onto a beach may own the land to the high-water mark only. Access to the beach is a right for every Barbadian and many of the sea front properties must provide a public right of way across their land to the ocean. There are no nude beaches, nudism is actually illegal. Barbados has a history of conservative British tradition and Barbadians are not comfortable undressing or seeing other undress on public beaches.

Sunburst Villa Barbados Flight Times

The approximate flight time From London to Barbados is 8 Hours.

Sunburst Villa Barbados Assistance / Manager

A Manager is always on hand to Sunburst Villa residents for assistance and/or advice.